3D printed rear view mirror mount

It does not happen very often to print a "useful" part, something that helps me in everyday life.

Well, it happened!
Something bad happened with my rear view mirror and since next day something bad happened with my second rear view mirror... I run out of mirrors. So, hm.. I had to find another solution. And since the part seemed not so difficult to print, I draw it and printed it and, here it is:

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and did not tested the mirror support material.
So I used "hot glue" to glue this mount to the mirror support.
After some tests, I realized that actually both parts are from ABS so I could have used a simple acetone based glue.
Well...maybe next time :-)

Just to be sure, for backup reasons, I used also some small ABS filament pieces and glued them in a "spider web" structure.
I noticed that such structures are more robust than they look.
It looks strange but...check image below.

The "part" on the left shows a glue test. As it can be seen, the printed test part broke but NOT the glue.

So, now my mirror is back online :-)
Today is 11'th May 2015.
I'm wondering how much it will last...
Till then, "thumb's up" :-)

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