Disappointment is a subjective response related to the anticipated rewards


You will never disappoint me.
You just can't.
But I can!

You have your life, you are what you are, more or less the same today as you'll be tomorrow.
And as you were yesterday.
And there's not much that I can do about that: you are what you are because you were what you were.
It's only me that I could harness everyday.

One can only be disappointed by himself.

I'll say it again my dear friend: in spite my feelings, you actually never disappointed me!
It's not your fault that your behavior did not rise to the level of my expectation.
It's my fault and my fault alone.
It was ME who raised you that high; me and my "beautification" glasses.

But disappointment is good, from time to time.
It's bitterness is like the opposite of adrenaline: it stops me down, sinking into reflection: something went wrong.
Something should be improved next time....and most of the time there is a next time....

This being said, my dear friends, dear girls and toys, bikes and likes, things or souls: do your thing!
Act as you mean it!

Meanwhile, I'll do my best and try not to...disappoint my self :-)

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