iPhone DSLR triggertrap dongle DIY

So, hello again.

A creative person managed to do a dongle that connects iPhone to a DSLR camera.
(this is not especially interesting for me since, you know, I'm a CHDK fan but still...it aroused me )

It's called TRIGGERAP


Yet, since I'm an impacient guy (and a relentless net rat), I found a .... DIY version.
Link below.
And I did it.
And it works....
And it's....quite small :-)

Now....I'll try to figure out how to adapt it for CHDK :-)







  • Alex 5 years ago

    [...] Another interesting open project (shop also available). Available as Arduino Shield, as Stand Alone product aaaaaan, available also as iPhone accesory(quite easy to DIY, more details here) [...]

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