Kapton-ing the mirror

It's allready common knowledge that using a Kapton tape layer on the glass/ mirror bed of your 3D printer
will improve significantly your sticky factor.
And this is a good thing.

I will not waste any time now explaining why does this happen, just take it as it is.

I'll focus on the laying part because a 100mm wide damn' sticky tape ain't the easiest thing to use.

I'm sure by now, if you don't live in the woods, you have seen how sticky tape is layered on glass: with (soapy?) water!
Plain and simple.
Yet, some guidelines might help.

Firs of all, borrow from your wife the water spray pump.
Just assure her hat you won't bring it back dirty and... she'll might agree.

Next, clean up the table and wash it with a clean cloth
(this will also impress the wife so it's a good thing too)


May way of doing it is the following: since I'm not an octopus and I'm not so handy with my feet,
I preferr to stick one end of the tape on the table
This way I'm sure that atleast one end of the tape won't curl and stick to everything else BUT the mirror.



Step1: fix one end of the tape on the table.

Step2: spray with water... everywhere :-). There is no "too much water". I will be wiped out later.

Step3: unwind the required Kapton tape length and place it above the mirror

Step4: align the mirror with the Kapton tape.

Step5: start gluing the tape to the mirror by gently squeezing out the water between tape and mirror. Using a flat credit card is a good option: it's flat enough, straight enough and it won't hurt the Kapton tape.

Step6: spray - spray - spray. Otherwise, it get's too sticky

Step7: curl both ends of the tape behind the miror and make them stick to it.

Step8: try again with a cloth, with your finger or any other (soft enough) parts to squeeze the rest of the water that got trapped between tape and glass. DO NOT exagerate as it might stretch the tape and you don't want that.


It might take you a try or two but hey...you've got miles of Kapton tape :-)

Anyway, if you have the blobs of water as in the image above, it's not a big deal.
Just install the mirror on the heated bed, heat the bed and as the water expands, poke the tape with a sharp knife so that the water comes out.
After that, you press-wipe the mirror with a cloth.
This will both absorb the water and seal that former water pocket.

If you do that, it will be juuuust fine :-)


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