P&S Camera Remote Trigger

Remote Trigger for Point and Shoot Camera's

It's very easy to construct a Remote Trigger for your (small?) Point and Shoot Camera.
Or even for your Bridge camera, for that matter.

This picture below sais it all: a USB cable, a plastic syringe, a socket, a battery and a switch.
And the original ideea came from here: http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/USB_Remote

And a software.
Your camera won't know what to do with this remote until you install the CHDK software in your camera.
But basically, after you install the CHDK, this software is detecting the "USB activity" signal and hacks it into a usefull signal.
And so, just with a simple remote, you can: focus, shoot, zoom in, zoom out, start a script...you name it.

It's simple.
Build it and...you'll be amazed by the "upgrade" on your camera.


DSLR 2 CHDK adapter

Wow...what a cool name :-)
But, from functional point of view, this is what it does: it allows to use a trigger that normally triggers only a DSLR camera to trigger a CHDK enabled camera, without any intervention on the original trigger.


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