The importance of a diary

SHORT STORY: our memory sucks. Bigtime.
As time goes by, we forget more and more details about that magic moment...whatever that moment is.
It's a proven fact so don't waste time arguing about this.
The fastest solution is to...record our thoughts.
Using the most efficient and convenient tool that'll suit you.


I didn't read about this topic until recently.
I only remember that I've start writing (and keep those writings) even as a child.
As time goes by, back flipping those pages sends me into an interesting world, over and over again :-)

It's common practice to keep a diary private.
Atleast for a while...
If this is not the case, you might as well to put it on a blog.
If your intention is to be an open book, atleast do it propperly :-)


Background reading, some related links:

Someone who dedicated some time and in a couple of years collected an impressive collection of...diary excerpts from...allover the world. A mosaic of inner worlds.... REAL worlds, not fantasy or fiction...

"It trains you to be observant, it trains you to express your thoughts, to be able not to loose an ideea, to see your progress over time"

"reduce stress, strenghten relationships, better focus, enhances intuition..."

If it's interesting enough, you'll dig deeper from here.
Otherwise, you won't even be reading this so... I'll stop now...






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    [...] not gonna talk here about the importance of having a diary. I’ll take this as a fact, discussed in detail here. I’m just gonna talk about the [...]

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