Timelapse gear

It started like a ...bookmark page in order to make up my mind what time-lapse gear to build, what to buy and now...it's a journey among (far too) many options :-)


still not curious enough?
Hm....maybe it's better this way: you'll save a lot of time and money



Simple circular timelapse motion including camera trigger.

It's in "kickstarter" phase, I don't know the price yet.



It was meant to be affordable but...I'd say it's more versatile than affordable. 999$ is not quite cheap :-)




This is...quite a hit. It's main advantage is that it's both commercial and open-source.
http://www.dynamicperception.com/ is the commercial site

http://www.openmoco.org/ is the open-source site

Stage ONE is the pipe based one, stage ZERO is based on an aluminium profile.
But, the coolest thing is the MX2 controller. And THIS one is affordable: 230$ or somethin'



this is similar to Radian but it can be controlled also exclusively by it's onboard controls. No iPhone app needed!
Not sure exactly where to find it, kickstarter project here:



ORACLE control system - by KESSLER

Autch, this is a hot one at 999$.
It's allready used on a wide scale and it's qualities are proven.
Yet...the price is hot!




This is also an option. Intelligent motion controller, LCD & functions and stuff.
Also not quite so cheap, the whole system speeds up to 1000$ or more.



The Time Machine

This is another interesting breed, suited more to the scientific world.
Lot's of trigger accessories and applications.




This is...like a fresh breath of air. Totally different approach. KISS style, not so versatile but with some easy applications.Starting with mechanical TimeLapse trigger continuing with remote infrared devices.




These ones are really high end.
Professionals mainly...entry level starts at 1300$



Camera Axe

Now this one...is a toy for geeks.
Timelapse is just one of it's functions; it's design is mainly pointing towards niche photography like drop photography, event based photography, etc.
It's actually a...huge Arduino shield. A project that evolved and it's...still evolving.

185$ in the states, same numbers but different currency in the UK :-)

Just check the link and read the forum and figure out if it's for you.



Project Chronos

This one...is another special breed.
I've spend the last two hours reading about it and...I can't get enough.
Forget about the rail, let's focus on the controller now.

It's...innovative. It's designed for simplicity and it sure looks quite simple and robust: 2 dials, 4 buttons and a for digit display.
Why not?
Compared with the Genie (see above) with it's iPhone like display, this spartan device is positioned quite at the other and of the spectrum. If Genie is GUI then Chronos is... command like. Huh...

Dam'n....when I was just about to start building my MOCO, Chronos looks...mmmm....not bad...




Well, this really looks like a Smart Trigger, 15 in 1 matchbox-size device.
Currently at version 2.1
It's so small that you can fix it to anything, minimalistic design with just a few settings and very low on power consumption.
Hm....and open source to...




Another interesting open project (shop also available).
Available as Arduino Shield, as Stand Alone product aaaaaand available also as iPhone accesory(quite easy to DIY, more details here)

Also in the low price range area but still with a lot of functions and...quite small...




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