TimeLapse 2

This is a follow-up to the "MY TimeLapse dolly"

Ladies and gent’s, finally: almost two years after the project started, first fully functional time-lapse rig is 100% operational.



  • It can be positioned virtually in any position; vertical, horizontal, up-side-down…
  • Portable power supply
  • Integrated P&S (CHDK enabled) power adapter
  • Easily expandable to a longer track (just replace the rail and the threaded rod)
  • Single tool setup (one hex key)
  • Can be used with ANY Point and Shoot camera that has CHDK inside. (AFAIK, this is a cool feature J )


Project was done with (a) KISS in (my) mind.

It’s not a professional rig, it’s a functional one.

For more details, check the images below, check the net...why not: post a question.



Greets to Airic for it's ...infectious project :-)
I mean the smart part, the Arduino timer.
Very clear code, simplified design, affordable shield.

Shop and forum below.




- further improve the "stiffness" of the dolly for the transverse direction
- replacing the standard threaded rod with a professional CNC like threaded rod would also add stability.







  • Alex 3 years ago

    well... am comunicat :-)

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