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3D printed rear view mirror mount

It does not happen very often to print a "useful" part, something that helps me in everyday life. Well, it happened! Something bad happened with my rear view mirror and since next day something bad happened with my second …

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Printing on laminated glass, too good to be true

Last Update: 24.07.2017   After testing numerous printing surfaces (glass, glass + hairspray, glass + blue tape, glass + blue tape + ABS slurry, glass + Kapton, PCB + Kapton, glass + Kapton + ABS …

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Kapton-ing the mirror

It's allready common knowledge that using a Kapton tape layer on the glass/ mirror bed of your 3D printer will improve significantly your sticky factor. And this is a good thing. I will not waste any time now …

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3D printer. Long version

I've been thinking about this 3D printing stuff but I always believed it's way beyond my league: thousands of dollars... a-a, too much. But it seems that things have changed in the last years and some crazy dudes came …

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