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Disappointment is a subjective response related to the anticipated rewards

Dear...you, You will never disappoint me. You just can't. But I can! You have your life, you are what you are, more or less the same today as you'll be tomorrow. And as you were yesterday. And …

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Just another content creator

I'm just another content creator. You might also call me content contributor, content aggregator...even content distributor.... Why? Why do I spend my time doing this? I guess it ain't enough for me just …

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"Nevoile reciproce leaga strans prieteniile...."

Dedicatie: pentru toti prietenii pe care i-am pierdut...si pe care am sa-i mai pierd. Si invers.   Prieteniile vin si se duc, intr-un demers fluid, dinamic, de ne oprit. N-ai ce sa le faci, …

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