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iPhone DSLR triggertrap dongle DIY

So, hello again. A creative person managed to do a dongle that connects iPhone to a DSLR camera. (this is not especially interesting for me since, you know, I'm a CHDK fan but still...it aroused me ) It's called …

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TimeLapse 2

This is a follow-up to the "MY TimeLapse dolly" Ladies and gent’s, finally: almost two …

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Timelapse gear

It started like a ...bookmark page in order to make up my mind what time-lapse gear to build, what to buy and now...it's a journey among (far too) many options :-) RADIAN, GENIE, DITOGEAR, CAMERA AXE, CHRONOS, …

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TimeLapse cu Canon A570, Canon S5, etc.

Cum sa faci TIMELAPSE cu un "simplu" Canon? Pai, destul de simplu: Ingredientul de baza in toata povestea asta este …

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MY TimeLapse dolly.

In romana ar veni: caruciorul pentru filme fotograma. De fapt, caruciorul nu este obligatoriu dar adauga un farmec aparte filmelor timelapse decat daca aparatul sta intzepenit pe un trepied... Mai am de facut: - …

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TimeLapse In romana, o traducere ar fi "salturi in timp". In esenta, tehnica aceasta consta in derularea (mai) rapida a unui film. Practic, avand in vedere ca realizarea unui film (HD) pe durata a ore/ zile/ …

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